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A successful Internet Entrepreneur, Web Developer, lover of life, exploring the limits of unknown!

About me

You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing - Dale Carnegie

My career

My First Startup

I was introduced to blogging by a friend in early 2008. After testing my skills on and facing severe resistance by my Father, who thought all this was a scam and waste of time, I finally managed to setup my first technology blog, called; on August 05, 2008 with the help of my uncle. This later proved to be a great source of income and helped me learn alot in the process.


How I made $6000 in 12 hours!

My First Online Auction

In mid June, 2009 I started two websites, named and - Both were free templates resource sites. After six months of hard work; I listed ThemeSplice on flippa (A Buy/Sell Marketplace) for a BuyItNow Price of $6000 USD.

Since this was my first listing, I had no clue whether someone will buy the site for such a HIGH price (or that's what I thought at that time). However, to my surprise within 12 hours after listing someone bought the site.

This was a turning point and a new beginning for me as I started to see the endless possibilities of Internet Marketing!


Started Affiliate Marketing

Setup several new businesses

2010 proved to be a great year for me as I not only learnt a great deal about SEO, but also about Affiliate Marketing and how to create landing pages that convert better.

Learnt Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

started to understad how SE works

With the passage of time and over 2 years of experience on the Internet, I started to dig deep into the realm of SEO and how search engines worked and how to effectively rank my sites on Page 1 of Google.

By the end of the year, not only I managed to setup up several more web propeties successfully, but I ranked them well which helped attract more visitors to my sites, resulting in even higher revenue stream!


My First eCommerce Site/Product

A Premium Wordpress Theme Marketplace

I was in my final year, when I launched my first membership site called I designed and developed all the themes myself for wordpress platform and learnt a great deal in the process. However, this site didn't not proved to be much of a success.

Later that year, I setup another membership site named The idea behind the design was to help webmaster earn more money with Adsense by placing ads on key positions on websites/blogs, resulting in increased click-through-rate, without having them go into the code. It was a CHALLENGE for me to design a user friendly interface, but I accepted it!

I received a great response from this site because I applied all the techniques I had learnt uptil now and also managed to gather a large affiliate base to promote my product. Not only this helped me recover from the loss I had to face due to Google's updates, but I no longer was dependent on Google due to the large affiliate base actively promoting my product.


Ali Javed

Worked with me

Fabruary - July

As my income grew, so did my confidence! I was now at a comfortable position to spend from what I had earned uptil now. I hired several talented people, mostly content writers who could write good, quality content for my sites. My first content writer was Ali Javed, followed by Ateeb-ur-Rehman and several others.

Not only was this a great learning experience for me, but I also made good friends as well :)

Google Panda & Penguin Updates

A Terrible Setback...

The second quarter of 2012 proved to be a terrible experience for me and my business. Like many others, I too was badly shaken by these dreadful updates released by Google Inc. It was about time that I had to change my strategies and think beyond just ranking websites. I had to come up with something NEW, because SEO was changing and ranking websites was becoming harder than ever...

I Graduated...!

as a Software Engineer

The year 2012 holds a lot of importance in my life. Despite all the set backs I had to face because of Google. I was happy that I finally completed my degree in Software Engineering (BSCS). Moreover, I now had the time to invest in my business. I had no plans to work in a Software House and decided to continue with what I was doing i.e. Internet Marketing.


Product Launch Techniques

How to launch products and profit from it

At the time of writing i.e. 05 January, 2013; I am preparing for another Product Launch, which will be released on 27th of January. I am very excited and hope this will prove to be better than the previous one.

Wish me luck! :)

Plans for 2013?

my goals for this year...

I have some really BIG plans for this year, not only will I be creating and selling my own products, but services and video guides as well. I also intend to establish my own Software House, this year.

Let's see how well this all goes... FINGERS CROSSED!


My Skills

WordPress / PHPPro

Awesomness level

If you don't believe this is true, then you'll have to meet me in person! :)

Check out some of my soft skills

  • 80/100WordPress
  • 90/100HTML/CSS
  • 50/100User Experience
  • 60/100User Interface Design
  • 55/100PHP/MySQL
  • 85/100Web Design
  • 95/100Team Work
  • 95/100Technical background
  • 77/100.NET Aplications
  • 85/100Search Engine Optimization
  • 80/100Affiliate Marketing
  • 70/100Product Marketing
  • 80/100Video Marketing
  • 60/100eMail Marketing


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